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nevada dreams

Nevada, USA, February 2011 It all seems like a lovely dream now. A random collection of film images from a few days adventuring in Vegas and the Nevada Desert.continue to full post >

chris and tamara

A beloved shoot in Chris and Tamara’s home.. I cannot not think of a more perfect location to capture them, their love and their darlingcontinue to full post >

fine art books

11×11″ fine art book. I have to admit I am not really a fan of traditional wedding albums. I dont actually offer them. I am all about these fine art books. Ive been offeringcontinue to full post >

Melbourne Shoes

Melbourne. January 2011. Im not really into shoes all that much myself… I am most happy in a pair of havianas but I like to take pictures of peoples shoes. It tells a lot about theircontinue to full post >

the beloved collective

Photography is such a beautiful thing.. the life it has given me and the doors it has opened for me. The best gift I was probably ever given in my life was the little 35mm point and shoot cameracontinue to full post >


my mother tells me i should stop go and get a real job but that cant be the way that i roll from cartwheels & pinwheels on Vimeo. Im all about setting myself little projects, thingscontinue to full post >


Amber and Gary were such a pleasure to spend time with and photograph. I enjoyed our beloved shoot immensely. It was also Gary’s birthday the day we did this shoot which madecontinue to full post >

St Jeromes Laneway Festival

St Jeromes Laneway Festival. Perth. February 2011 I went to the St Jeromes Laneway Festival last month.. My camera loaded with film came along with me and this is just a little of what Icontinue to full post >


Lisa and Steve flew me over to Sydney to photograph their beautiful wedding atcontinue to full post >

Vegas. Little White Wedding Chapel

Las Vegas. Little White Wedding Chapel. February 2011 I had the pleasure of going to the little white wedding chapel to watch my two dear friends Todd and Alyda McGaw renew theircontinue to full post >


brighton beach. melbourne. australia. january 2011.continue to full post >

Cannon Beach. Oregon. USA

Cannon Beach. Oregon. USA. March 2010 Sometimes when I shoot film, a roll or two of film sometimes goes missing for awhile… a year later it turns up, gets added to the pile of other film Icontinue to full post >