Monthly Archives: January 2008

Editing Update

Just wanted to make an annoucement that December weddings are now all finished and edited! All these beautiful weddings are now all finished: Amy and Craig Helen and Fraser Catie andcontinue to full post >

Cara and Brent taken at the Swan Brewery

This was taken at the bar at the Old Swan Brewery – a definite favorite!! =)continue to full post >

two cute dogs.

Being a photographer is fun. i get to hang out with cute little dogs like these all the time. the jack russell on the left didnt really like me though (Cara’s mums dog from a wedding Icontinue to full post >

Happy Australia Day!

Hope everyone has had a FANTASTIC Australia Day! It’s not often I get a Saturday off, I am normally out every Saturday photographing some awesome wedding but when a finally do get a Saturdaycontinue to full post >

Delhi. 2006

This is another photo I took while I was traveling throughout India in 2006. It was  taken in Delhi near the main train station in central Delhi. This photo completely sums up India to me, a crazycontinue to full post >

Canon 24mm 1.4L

The other day I ordered the Canon 24mm 1.4 Lens and the courier man just dropped it off.. Arlene and myself squealed with delight and ripped the packaging open and played with it for about 30 minutescontinue to full post >


This was taken in 2006 on my world travels. I spent a month traveling throughout India and this photo was taken at Karnimata in Deshnok, Rajasthan. Karnimata is a hindu temple that worships rats (ascontinue to full post >

Cara and Brent

Cara and Brent were married in December at St Brigid’s Church on Fitzgerald Street in Northbridge. After the beautiful ceremony we headed up to the Pine Forest in Kings Park and then down tocontinue to full post >

Jennifer and Andre

I am so far behind in blogging… things are absolutely crazy here at the studio trying to edit all these amazing weddings and portrait shoots I have photographed recently.  Over the past threecontinue to full post >

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years! I headed down south to spend Christmas with my family in Walpole and Albany for some much needed rest. After working 80+ hour weeks in the leadcontinue to full post >