Monthly Archives: July 2007

Dillon Dog

I am down in Albany for the next few days, working on a landscape series of photography thats going on exhibition down here in September! Coming down to Albany means spending time with my family andcontinue to full post >

Claudia and Trent

Today I photographed the beautiful wedding of Claudia and Trent. I always love photographing really unique weddings and Claudia and Trent’s wedding was exactly that. They had their ceremony oncontinue to full post >

welcome jayda…

Everything always happens in 3’s… After returning from overseas earlier in the year, I found out 3 of my friends were pregnant!! This is the last one to arrive, and Jayda had acontinue to full post >

The future of photography

I have just watched this amazing video on this amazing technology that will have such a major impact on photography. I recommend all of you to go watch! (thanks to gary fong for the link!)continue to full post >

Michaelia and Alwin

I’ve finally finished all the editing of Michaelia and Awlins wedding – the best of photos are in the gallery to check out! and click on the featuredcontinue to full post >

michaelia and alwin

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos to the “features” section on my website from Michaelia and Alwins wedding – check it out www.sammblake.comcontinue to full post >