Monthly Archives: May 2007

Beijing + Nanjing

This was taken in Beijing during my travels in 2006. The nearest train station was about 2km from our hostel, and this was taken on one of our daily walks back to our hostel. I really enjoyedcontinue to full post >

julie + jon

This is one of my favorite wedding photos. This is why I love being a wedding photographer.continue to full post >

kelly + nathan

I took this at my sisters wedding in March. I knew my dad had been preparing a ripper of a speech, he had been planning it for weeks, I knew the reaction that was about to happen and had my cameracontinue to full post >


This was taken as we wondering around the Forbidden City in Beijing. The air in China is so smoggy, but this day was particularly bad.continue to full post >

Chook in Thailand

I took this in Thailand when we went on a 2 night trek into the mountains near Chang Mai. We stayed overnight in a little village with no electricity, and I took this in the morning before wecontinue to full post >

Father + son at Karnimata

I took this photo while I was in India in 2006. We went to Deshnok to visit Karnimata, which is a Hindu temple where they worship rats!! It was a crazy place to visit, there are a few othercontinue to full post >


This was taken somewhere in India. Cant remember where!  continue to full post >

Ollie Brockman

Here is another photo of little Ollie. I took this at Jess’s wedding, it was his first time out and about since leaving the hospital. He is just the cutest baby. Im sure there are going to becontinue to full post >

school girls

Kate, Jenni, Rianna, Tess, Becci, Jess, Nell, Samm, Sarah and Roxy. This photo was taken at Jess’s wedding on the 5th May. I went to high school with all these girls, it was amazing to seecontinue to full post >

Jess and Wade

Last weekend I was my dear friends Jess and Wade’s wedding. I meet Jess when we were in kindergarten about 20 years ago! She has been a great friend to me ever since and it was such an honorcontinue to full post >