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Washington DC

The following photos were all taken in Washington DC in January 2007. On our way back to Australia from the UK we had about 2 weeks in the USA traveling about. It was so strange to finally get to gocontinue to full post >

Laura and Brad

25th March 2006 Happy 1st Anniversary to Laura and Brad!! =)continue to full post >


Me at the Catacombs in Paris, December 2006 For those of you who dont know what it is…. The Catacombs of Paris is a famous burial place in Paris, France. It is a network of subterraneancontinue to full post >

washington dc

Washington DC, January 2007continue to full post >


New York, January 2007 Well I’ve decided I need to post more of my travel photographs up, Ive been so busy setting up my photography business again I’m neglecting all of my othercontinue to full post >

Congats my sister Kelly and Nathan!

My sister got married yesterday! Kelly looked stunning and very beautiful! (and Nathan looked very handsome too!!). The ceremony and reception was at The Rocks in Albany, which is a gorgeous oldcontinue to full post >

Kellys Wedding

Well my sister’s wedding is finally here, only 4 more sleeps until the big day! We are heading down to Albany tomorrow to help out with any last minute preparations. She is having her ceremonycontinue to full post >